SEO Marketing Tips For The Google Panda Era


Google’s Panda update shook up the world of SEO. Some industry giants were knocked from their pedestals. Some businesses saw massive hits to their traffic. In a world where traffic directly correlates to profit, this is a huge concern. In the post-Panda world, how do you make your website succeed? The answer comes in two parts.

Part One: SEO Tactics

The current world of SEO points to a relatively low keyword density. Too many keywords or too many uses of your keyword make your content look spammy. Limit your keyword usage to around three percent Continue Reading »

20 Creative Designs To Enliven Any Web Site


Choosing the best designs and layout for your website may not be an issue that you can afford to overlook. Developers and professionals who are seeking to create and utilize the best online resources possible would be wise to ensure that there website is able to provide a superior experience for visitors. Missing out on your chance to make use of the potential business opportunities that a well designed and maintained website can provide could end up costing you much more than you would have expected.

Layouts, templates and design elements that can improve any site may not Continue Reading »

10 Tips To Find Freelance Work In Today’s Economy


Many web designers work as an independent contractor status instead of being an employee. This is a great way to work at home in today’s economy. Web designers are often in demand in a variety of industries. The best way to find freelance work is to network with other people in the industry. You can join online communities that were created just for people in the web design business. Look for freelance web designer work at online freelance companies. You will find a number of jobs where you have to bid against others for Continue Reading »

Choosing A Web Hosting Company For Your Designs


One thing any successful artist or designer needs is an online portfolio. Even if what you do is web design, you’ll need some space to advertise your skills. To put that portfolio online in your own personal space, you will probably need to purchase web hosting. Below are a couple great tips you can use when looking for web hosting for your designs.

1. Is the Pricing Reasonable?

Since you want that space to advertise your services, you don’t want to spend too much money. Your portfolio should Continue Reading »

Get Moving, Learn The Latest Animation Techniques


The world of graphic design is full of fun and interesting methods used to create moving images. When these methods are brought into the design of web pages, they make the sites more entertaining for the people who visit them. Animations can come in the form of cursors used to navigate around the website. People who create personal pages online often choose to add color changing cursors or cursors that create trails. A trail is a series of smaller Continue Reading »

Making The Jump Into Freelance Web Design


One of the most efficient ways to make money as an independent contractor today is through freelance website design. With all of the new businesses finding their way online, there is a never ending need for good, cost effective web designers.

Making the jump into freelance web design is similar to making the jump into any self employed business venture – you must first prepare estimates of the amount of business that you think you can do. If you are currently employed, do not Continue Reading »

How To Masterfully Use Photo Painting In Web Graphics


Photo painting might sound like something too complicated to do for most people. The truth is all you need is a good paint program which allows for a variety of special effects. A photo is just another type of image which can be reshaped, colored and distorted in any number of ways. Many graphic designers use paint programs to create distinctive letter heads for websites. The best way to create a letterhead is to choose a font Continue Reading »

Building A Cooperative Relationship With Copywriters And Editors


As a web designer in the modern business landscape, you must have an open relationship with the copywriters and the editors that you employ to create your textual content. Although websites are full of multimedia and third party applications, the number one criteria when it comes to evaluating a website for high search engine rankings is content marketing from text.

In order to meet the constantly upgraded criteria for good, dynamic text content on the website, you will probably need a team of copywriters and editors who know what they are doing. It is no longer sufficient Continue Reading »

Engaging Visual Communication For Every Web Design


In this technical world of commerce, http://satelliteinternetservices.com/, every business needs a web site. Even if the company doesn’t provide sales or services on-line a smart establishment will still have a web address for individuals to browse.

Ninety percent of people now-a-days enjoy surfing the Internet before they shop. Because of that people expect to see an Internet site with engaging web designs.

Having a professional web home is extremely important to the growth as a business. The use of a good web designer ensures the content is not only candy for the eye, but representative of the merchandise or public services offered.

Another important necessity for sporting an Internet presence is to be able to reach the masses. Each day thousands set down at their computer, for that reason it’s important to ensure the enterprise is laced throughout the Internet. A web designer knows the exact phrases to tag on to a site for the most visibility.

Web designers also have the knowledge to use search engine optimization. The rank that a web site reaches affects the visitors. When someone types in a key word that fits the business profile a company wants to see their address pop up on the first page of the search engine, warranting the highest ranking.

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